Who’s your idol? If you could be one person, emulate one life, one method, whose would it be? It’s a familiar question, and it’s one we think about regularly. Not only do we want things, but we want gifts and personalities – if only I had his skill at math or her way with words or his servant heart or her charisma and leadership. And then, we pass off to God the divine plan and think “He knows what He’s doing; He’s in control.” Do we live like, though? Matt Chandler thinks not, and he has some advice and encouragement – when you are living your life, doing whatever it is God has called you to do, be you. Because God didn’t make you to be a celebrity pastor or a famous author. He made you to be you, and only you. You were precious enough to make, precious enough to save, and precious enough to use. Check it out in the clip below.