For months at a time, the brave men and women of the armed forces miss family, friends, the comfort of their own bed – all the makings of home. For that same amount of time, the home front is as bleak and lonely, especially so for those so young they can’t readily understand the why and what – they only know how much they long for family. Such is the back drop to the Chandler family: with Sergeant Daryl Chandler deployed to Afghanistan, seven-year-old son Cole could locate his stress in a missing father, and as much as wife and mom Kathy missed Daryl, Cole needed him. Cole submitted a short answer to a school contest to have a superhero visit school – there was only one entry, and Kathy was the judge, but Cole didn’t know that. So when the red power ranger arrived, it was everyone whose heart was able to melt when beneath the mask was Daryl – not as sergeant, but as Dad. Check it out in the video below.