Couple Creates Whimsical Rock Garden On Church Grounds

The rock structures are modeled after notable buildings like The Colosseum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the city of Bethlehem.

Like many of us, DeWitt Boyd finds a great deal of solace when it comes time to work on his yard. The yard work that he does is rather unique, though.

His yard in Calhoun, Georgia is filled with tiny houses that he has made out of clay and pebbles. At first, Boyd was doing this with his children in mind but it did not take long before it became a full-fledged pursuit of his.

Photo: Facebook/The Garden

This man decided to take this hobby to a whole new level back in 2007. Of course, he would need access to more space in order to do so. That’s when he called on his church to see if they would be willing to help him out. It did not take long before Calhoun Seventh Day Adventist Church gave him the permission that he needed.

Thanks to them, he was able to start the process of building an entire pebble village on their land. Joyce Maples, his wife, was also more than happy to assist him with this process. The couple crafted all sorts of awesomeness, including pebble cottages, castles, bridges, sidewalks, and moats. Once they had more room to expand, they built on their creation even further and shared their work on Facebook!

They crafted their own version of the city of Bethlehem, as well as the Notre Dam building.

Now, the Calhoun Rock Garden, which is also known as “The Garden,” is attracting all kinds of visitors. Tourists come from miles around to appreciate the peace and serenity that this location has to offer them.

There are no shortage of areas to appreciate, whether you wish to take in the tiny churches and castles or you would rather focus on the various adornments.

We are loving all of the famous buildings, especially their take on The Colosseum. This garden is a wonderful place for anyone to visit and best of all, admission is always totally free.

You can come any time of year and check it out for yourself. If you are anything like us, you are already figuring out a way to work this location into your next vacation. In fact, there are many who book their weddings for this location and many arrive in October because this is when the lighting ceremony takes place!