God Loves Us Deeply. When We Sin, His Love Doesn’t Change

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John 8:44 tells us that the devil is “a liar and the father of lies.” Some lies are obvious the longer we spend time in God’s word, while others remain elusive and continue to do a lot of damage in our relationship with God.

One such lie that is often confusing and doesn’t get talked about a lot in Christian circles is how God views you when you sin. If you’re like a lot of Christians, myself included, your automatic response after you sin is to hide it and grow shameful over your actions. There’s some part of us that truly believes God hates us when we sin. We believe He won’t use us and will view us as unfit. We’re terrified that God will punish us severely, even if we know in our hearts that Jesus already died for our sins.


It all comes down to how we understand grace.

“God loves you deeply. And when you sin, Christian, listen up – His love does not change.” – Brent Shows

Brent Shows founded Team 431. His goal is to have a team of people creating all kinds of content for the glory of God. Brent wrestled with the truth of grace and what it means to live in forgiveness. I’m guessing you probably struggle to know the true meaning of grace and forgiveness too, even if you’ve been a Christian most of your life.

All too often we fall into the mindset of thinking God will withhold his love from us if we choose to sin. Nothing could be further from the truth! As Brent says, “We can’t out-sin God’s love.” Let that sink in for a moment.


The idea of unconditional love is so foreign to us because our human relationships are broken. Even the best marriages and closest families are broken simply because we live in a sinful world. The only one who loves perfectly and unconditionally is God. He’s not an overbearing father or a nitpicking mother. He’s not a disgruntled spouse or an angry boss. It’s easy to project our past hurts and relationships onto God, but that’s not who He is, and that’s not how He loves.

Brent has a lot of powerful insights into the topic of grace and God’s love. Go ahead and watch his encouraging message below! Make sure to follow Brent on Instagram for more inspirational messages.