Boy’s Pitch-Perfect Performance Stuns Guitar Shop Owner

During this stop off at the music store, this little guy surprises the customers and the owner with a powerful performance!

Just another day that my Lord, my Lord has kept me, yes it is

Just another day that I’ve been in my saviour’s care, yes it is

Wanna say he threw, he threw his loving arms all around me, yes he did

And there I found, I found peace and joy right there

Watch as Scottish singing phenom, Brendan MacFarlane, absolutely wows a guitar shop owner with a rendition of Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrer’s It wasn’t just another day for this shop owner – he has to stop Brendan mid-performance so he can start recording! You will be blown away with how well Brendan sings this gospel classic!

If you love listening to Brendan as much as we do, watch this video as well.