Blind Mom-To-Be “Sees” Baby For The First Time Thanks To 3D Ultrasound

Huggies Brazil surprised the expectant mom with a 3D ultrasound that she could feel.

The moments leading up to the birth of a child are some of the most awesome moments that a mother is ever going to experience.

The ultrasound is a major part of that. However, what happens if the mother in question is unable to see the magic for herself? That is the conundrum that this blind mother to be had to face before her child was born.

Photo: YouTube/pradeep m

Tatiana’s true story is an amazing one. Like any parent, she was counting the days until she got the chance to embrace her new baby Murilo. She visits the doctor for an ultrasound and she’s got all sorts of questions that need to be answered. This is understandable enough. Every parent wants to know what their child is going to look like.

That’s what makes this doctor’s gesture such a special one. This woman would have never had the chance to learn more about what her son looks like without their help.

Photo: YouTube/pradeep m

This is one of the most thoughtful things that we have ever seen and this doctor deserves a lot of kudos for being willing to go above and beyond like this. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes.

If you are anything like us, you are certainly going to be weeping once you see what happens here. The doctor asks Tatiana if it would help her to know what her son looks like if she’s able to touch him. The expectant mother says she does want to see her son, and from there, one of the most heartwarming scenes takes place.

Photo: YouTube/pradeep m

The good folks at Huggies Brazil also deserve some love for helping to put this incredible moment together. The doctor could not have done it without them. We are not going to spoil the video for anyone who has not seen it yet but trust us, it is well worth your time.

We would have watched it a second time but we were afraid we would start crying our eyes out again:

This is the type of thoughtfulness that we love to see. Who knew that Huggies would be able to tug at our heartstrings like this?