It is rare to see judges reduced to tears like this and for good reason. They have seen a lot over the course of their careers, so it is hard to get them to react like this…for better and for worse.

However, this judge was reduced to a puddle at the sight of these children. Children have a way of zeroing in on the important things in life, don’t they?

Photo: YouTube/Britain’s Got Talent

They are all about the simple pleasures in life. It does not take much to make them smile and laugh. Dave McPartlin and his students know how to live life to the fullest, don’t they? McPartlin is not the type of educator that is going to sit around and fret over test scores all the time. He wants the children to have a different sort of educational experience.

As the head teacher of Flakefleet Primary School in Lancashire, England, this is something that he lives by each day. He believes that these kids have better things that they can be focusing on.

Photo: YouTube/Britain’s Got Talent

Once the children had their chance to audition for these Britain’s Got Talent judges, the lessons that he has been teaching them finally had a chance to shine through on the biggest possible stage.

In addition to his teaching duties, he also leads the school’s choir. Made up of children between the ages of 4 to 11, they have only been singing together for a very short time. The chemistry that they have developed is incredible to see, though. The performance that they gave is one of the most adorable that you are ever going to see.

Photo: YouTube/Britain’s Got Talent

Even these judges were not immune to their charms! At first, they are softly singing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” From there, the performance made a transformation. Alesha Dixon would later refer to their performance as “absolute chaos and absolute joy.” They had costumes, props, and even cut outs of the judges’ faces!

In order to truly appreciate this performance, you need to see it for yourself. David Walliams is the judge who was reduced to tears but all of their reactions are well worth seeing.

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