Hidden Benefits of Social Media

We’ve all read the horror stories of cyber bullying, and how Generation Y is the most narcissistic group of teens and twenty-somethings to set foot on this planet thanks to the advent of the selfie, but like it or not, social media is here to stay. And it actually isn’t all bad. You’ve heard the negatives, but here are a few of the positives brought on by social media:

1. Social Media Makes Relationships Better, Not Worse

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According to a report conducted last year by the nonprofit child advocacy group Common Sense Media, more than half (52%) of teens said social media has made their relationships better versus just 4% who said it has negatively affected those relationships. While we all have a few Facebook friends that rant openly about politics and complain endlessly about their kids or significant other, thus causing us to see them in a new and annoying light, the trend seems to show that those that are connected via social media outlets tend to feel a close, positive relationship.

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