HA!! I’ve Seen a Lot of Baptisms, but None Like This! at 00:35 I LOLed

Whether you were sprinkled as a baby, immersed in a church baptismal tank, or dunked in a lake by your minister, we bet your baptism didn’t include a running cannonball! This young believer can’t wait to get baptized, leaping through the air into the water like it was the neighborhood pool. As the charmingly bemused pastor says after he gets the splashing of a lifetime, “I’ve been a pastor for twenty-five years. And that’s a first.” But the look on the kid’s face says it all: He may be young and full of mischief, but he’s full of joy and he’s got tons of energy to give to God…and he obviously couldn’t be happier to receive the holy sacrament of baptism.

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