Adorable Little Girl Has A Priceless Reaction To Her New Baby Brother!

Little girl meets baby brother, and adorableness unfolds.

Going from an only child to an older sibling in one day can be overwhelming for kids. Sometimes older children even act in frustration when a new baby sibling is born, mad that they’re no longer the center of attention! This little cutie has the opposite reaction when meeting her baby brother…

When this little girl walks into a hospital room, she seems a little unsure about why she’s there. Upon seeing her mom in bed, she asks tentatively, “What happened?”

But as soon as Mom says the words “baby brother,” the little girl can hardly contain herself with excitement. Her jaw drops, and as she totters closer and closer to the bed, she keeps repeating, “My baby brother!” in an awestruck voice, with a few squeals thrown in for good measure!

It’s the most adorable thing you’ll see today. Seriously.

Take a look! (And then, because we can never get enough of cute kids doing adorable things, check out another adorable older sister reaction by watching this video!)