A Marine’s Song — A Mother’s Prayer

This is a story that rings true for many American families.

Mitch Baroody is a Marine, a songwriter, and a son. After he joined the United States Marine Corps and was stationed overseas in Iraq, he wrote a song titled “A Mother’s Prayer. The song is the story of himself — and so many other brave men and women who go off to fight in war — and the family back home praying for safety and and a quick homecoming.

This brave Marine’s song rings true for many American families, including both the pride and honor of serving in the name of freedom and country, as well as the fear and uncertainty of battle.

Listen to this song, “A Mother’s Prayer,” in the video below to hear the story of a Marine who went off to war in Iraq.

While you listen to it, remember all of those brave veterans who have served in the military, all those active members who are serving right now overseas, and think of their families, friends, and loved ones waiting for them back home.

We’re all waiting for them to all to come home safely.