5 Simple Things To Do In 2016 To Be More Joyful

It’s that time again; we reminisce on things that have passed, and look ahead for what’s to come. Each year we vow to finally clean out the basement, or lose that extra ten pounds for good. This year, we promise ourselves, will be our year. Our year to learn a new language, travel to a new country, cook more, eat less sugar, whatever the case may be. Those are great goals to have, but sometimes, less is more. This year has been one of the most difficult ones for my family and me – between cancer, addictions, and long distances, we have been forced to take stock of what is truly important. So I have one resolution: Be more joyful. It is sort of a vague resolution, but I have 5 steps I’m going to take to try and get the most joy I can out of every day.

1. Encourage others more

Every day, I encounter hundreds of people. On the bus, on the walk to work, around the office, at church, standing in line at the grocery store, behind the counter of my favorite coffee shop – wherever. So. Many People. Usually, people annoy me. They are loud and in the way, and just generally get on my nerves. But this year… Well, they will probably still annoy me, but I’m starting with baby steps here. I want to give at least one compliment to someone new every day. I have been the recipient of just such a random act of kindness, and it was kind of amazing. It was just some lady that was waiting at the cross walk next to me, and she turned her head and said she loved my style. And then walked away. So simple, yet it totally made my morning.

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