Struggling With Anxious Thoughts? Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts For Support!

We all deal with anxiety from time to time, whether it’s about family stress, a job interview coming up, or any number of anxiety disorders. Being stressed out and at times irrationally afraid is something we can all relate to. If you’re struggling through a rough season, or just want some inspirational images to populate your Instagram feed, go ahead and check out these five accounts!

Self-Care Is For Everyone

As the name suggests, this account is all about promoting self-care. Whether you struggle with a mental illness, trauma, or just need a little boost in your day, this account has a lot of good reminders to stop, breathe, and love yourself. With nearly 900 thousand followers, they must be doing something right!

Here is one of my favorite posts found on the Self Care Is For Everyone account. The caption reads, “STOP SCROLLING!!! You deserve to take a break. Use this checklist as a way to check in with yourself and as a way to practice self-care. These are great examples of what showing up for yourself looks like!! You deserve to practice self-care!!”

Sunny Bloom Inspiration

This is a great account with good advice for everyone – anxiety-ridden or not. The above post, for example, explains some things we often apologize for, but shouldn’t! The caption reads, “If you don’t stop apologizing for every little thing, you will end up apologizing for your own existence. Remember that you have all the right/freedom to take your own decisions for your own life and that’s nobody’s business.
Don’t let anyone trick you into guilt for putting your own happiness first, for standing up for yourself when they do you wrong, for taking a break when you need it, for not getting back at a text right away, for choosing you.”

Here’s another fave from this account. Can you tell I like lists of things to check off when I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Sometimes it’s so helpful to have a directive when your thoughts are racing. The caption reads, “Taking care of your mental health is paying attention and taking care of your whole body! Is taking care of your relationship with yourself and others. Is keeping track of your behavior. Mental health check is not just a matter of being stressed or not, is a matter of progress, of small signs of decline, of patiently understanding and checking your needs so you can understand the root of the mental health problems.”

The Good Quote

Need a few thoughtful quotes and reminders throughout the day? Look no further than The Good Quote! According to their Instagram bio, the purpose of this account is to advocate “for mental health and self development through literature and discussion.” With 20.5 million followers, there’s bound to be some good discussions!

Here’s another one of my faves from this account. What a good reminder for those of us trying to up our positivity game. Seeing the silver lining and hoping for the best are not qualities that come naturally to people who suffer from anxiety and other mental health disorders. Breaking out of the self-deprecating, negative thoughts is so hard, especially when you’re met with resistance. Keep doing you, and remember that everyone is on their own journey!

Anxiety Support

This account is run by Baylee Alana, who shares her journey with anxiety as well as inspirational quotes that we all need to hear! Some photos are of her and her personal struggles, while others are broader in scope and apply to so many other people!

This is at the heart of all of these Instagram accounts – supporting each other by sharing our struggles. Just knowing you’re not the only one who gets overwhelmed by the thought of making a doctor’s appointment or gets anxious when out in public is so freeing.

Hi Anxiety

Reaching people through quotes, questions, ane memes, Hi Anxiety is probably my favorite account on this list. I love the above quote! Isn’t that how it feels some days? Instead of comparing yourself to everyone else who is running while you’re still crawling, just focus on what you can do.

If this ain’t the truth! As much as I love inspirational quotes and lists reminding me to take care of myself and practice self-care, I’ve always found laughter to be a great way to cope with all kinds of anxiety and stress! There’s something so genuinely healing about finding a way to smile at the quirks that make you, well, you.

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