Top 5 Famous Christian Paintings

Art is a common cultural expression. From East Asia to South America, Europe to Africa, all the world creates imagery or expressions of their faith and history. Over the centuries, many of the great works of European art have been for and by the Church. Here are the top five famous Christian paintings!

#5 Caravaggio’s The Conversion on the Way to Damascus

The Baroque master Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio is known for his striking colors and use of light and shadows. This turning point of the early church, when Jesus turns the ardent Jew Saul into a missionary who would be known as Paul, features the young man’s horse prominently. There is a legend that says a town official asked why Caravaggio put a horse in the middle, but Saint Paul on the ground? “Because!” answered Caravaggio. “He stands in God’s light!”

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