Archaeologists Discover The Largest Lost City In Egypt

This lost city has been hailed as the second most important discovery in ancient Egypt!

Facebook/Dr. Zahi Hawass

This 3,000-year-old Egyptian city is being hailed as the second most important discovery since the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb, according to Betsy Brian, Professor of Egyptology at John Hopkins University. This city was named “The Rise of Aten,” though archaeologists have dubbed it “Dazzling Aten” for good reason! Located near the famous Valley of the Kings, Dazzling Aten was found in astonishingly good condition.

The expedition, lead by famed Egyptologist and former antiquities minister, Dr. Zahi Hawass, has been ongoing since September 2020. However, it didn’t take archaeologists long to start uncovering mud bricks, walls, and other structures buried beneath the surface.

Facebook/Dr. Zahi Hawass

Dr. Hawass released a statement on Facebook about the amazing discovery he and his team made:

“The Egyptian expedition was surprised to discover the largest city ever found in Egypt… It’s the largest-ever lost city to be uncovered in Egypt, and dated to the reign of one of the most powerful pharaohs to rule during the kingdom’s golden age, Amenhotep III.” You can read the rest of his statement here.

Facebook/Dr. Zahi Hawass

Amazingly, the city was discovered in good condition with almost complete walls and rooms filled with everyday tools. Not only did Dr. Hawass and his team discover the daily tools and practical items of ancient Egyptians, but they also found a city full of treasures.

The city itself is constructed largely of zigzagging walls, which was a rarity in that time. It showed off the skill and workmanship of the architects. The team also found a special stamp in some of the bricks – the seal of Amenhotep III. This indicates the city’s significance.

Facebook/Dr. Zahi Hawass

Dr. Hawass and his team have every confidence that as they continue to work, they will discover rooms full of ancient treasures and relics. Al Jazera reports that many such treasures have already been found such as scarab pendants, jewelry, and pottery bearing inscriptions that tell a lot about a critical period in Egyptian history that experts still puzzle over.

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