Proper Posture And Dress: A 1940s Guide To Glamour

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Ever wonder what it was like to be a proper lady in the 1940s? We’ve got a fun guide to what young women were taught about being prim and proper. Some of these tips are still relevant for today, while others are a little antiquated. Check out some of the 1940s Guide to Glamour tutorial below!

First up – proper posture. As you can see, there are many incorrect ways to sit in a chair. The advice given young girls is to watch the movie stars – how they sit, how they stand, how they walk. “Afterall, they wouldn’t be movie stars if they didn’t have proper posture!”

Next up, we have a list of bad habbits, including annoying fidgets and proper grooming. Biting nails is a huge no-no, but if you cannot break the habit, then you should absolutely not wear nail polish, as it will draw attention to your “ugly, short nails.” On the other end of the spectrum, you also shouldn’t have your nails too long. As the instructor puts it, “Claws are for cats.”

The in-depth tutorial also goes into professional clothing options and a list of DOs and DON’Ts. Fitted suits, small hand bags, plain gloves, and plain shoes, are all appropriate for the office. Frilly shirts, statement hats, and fancy heels have no place in the professional world.

Watch the video below for more fascinating glamour tips from the 1940s!

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