This teenager from northern Ontario had never played the lottery before in her life. Can you believe that she managed to win the big prize on her first try?

This is the type of beginner’s luck that we wish we had. In fact, she is so lucky that she is setting a new precedent. She has become the youngest person in Canada to ever win such an amazing prize.

Photo: Pexels/Peaton Hugo

Of course, we are a wee bit jealous of her but once you find out more about her story, you will have a tough time finding a more deserving 18-year-old to take home the big bucks. Juliette Lamour is currently a student at Algoma University and was not even going to buy the ticket until her grandfather gave her the idea to do so.

According to BBC News, she explained: “[Grandfather] said to me: ‘You just turned 18, go buy a lotto ticket, test your luck.’ So, I did.” Initially, she had forgotten about the ticket entirely until she saw a news alert that someone from her hometown was the big winner. She pulled out her ticket and checked it with a mobile app.

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The winner’s jingle started to play and a message popped up on her screen to let her know that she had won. “My colleague fell to his knees in disbelief,” she says. This is where things really start to get intriguing. There was a story a few years back about two young sisters who decided to empty out their piggy bank to help others who are in need.

When Lamour had just turned 5, she heard of an earthquake that had left Haiti devastated. When the Canadian Red Cross started to solicit donations, she asked her mother if she could hand over the contents of her piggy bank. She had $61.38 in her piggy bank at the time and donated every cent with no issue.

Photo: Pexels/Skitterphoto

She was asked about this story and whether it was a sign that the universe was returning her kindness. “I don’t know,” she said. “Everyone that’s reached out to us has always been so positive. I just keep hearing: ‘You know, good things happen to good people. Everything happens for a reason.’ I don’t know why this happened, but I’m really just so grateful and I’m planning to do good things with the winnings.”

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