Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” Never Sounded So Good! So Much Talent in the Air Force!

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“I am a free soul, singing my heart out by myself no matter where I go and I call strangers my friends because I learn things and find ways to fit them into my own world.” ― Charlotte Eriksson

This is real talent! Who’d have thought? These Air Force folks have got what it takes.

When you hear someone singing their favorite songs, you can tell the difference between a fan of the artist singing a song they love and a true artist singing as if they were in front of thousands of their fans.

If Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson doesn’t have a career in music when she gets home, no one does. She’s not even using a microphone!

She’ll make you wanna dance AND shout!

Enjoy this incredible cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” as well as a few other songs of her choosing. You will love her singing as much as we do and pass it on to your friends.

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