Rachel Scott has three children of her own, so she is no stranger to shopping with a larger crew. Of course, we always want to get our shopping done as quickly as possible but life is not usually that simple.

Shopping with kids can be hard. They are always trying to take stuff off of the shelves or get your attention for some silly reason.

Photo: Unsplash/Marjan Blan

Worst of all, other shoppers do not always have the most grace about these things. They start to get mad and in turn, that makes parents flustered.

Rachel happened to be in a checkout line one day when she noticed that this family was sorting their items in an odd manner. Of course, this was making the kids start to get antsy.

Some people would have looked the other way. Others might have gotten annoyed by how long they were taking and started huffing and puffing. Rachel saw that they were delaying the line but she was not about to start flipping out. After a while, it became really obvious what they were doing. They were going through the items to see which ones they truly needed and which ones they didn’t.

Photo: flickr/Walmart

Rachel saw that they were clearly on a very tight budget. In this special moment, she decided to look into her heart. She felt the Lord speaking to her and took to Facebook afterward to expand on that thought. In a now-deleted post, she wrote:

“I felt the Lord say buy it. Our family lives well and we have what we need and a enough for extras. I didn’t have a clue what it would cost but I said yes Lord.

I spoke up and said go ahead get those the Lord is paying for those extras today. The mom just looked at me. I was trying to not make a big deal and just do it, but I saw one of the little girls wipe tears from her eyes and it almost broke me.”


What an amazing woman. She truly did not have to do this and she was more than willing to do so. “I pray today we all slow down long enough to see the moments where we can show Jesus, and show love to anyone around us,” her post concludes and this is the message that we would like to leave you with.