God’s Voice Will Always Break Through to Us

Read this powerful poem about how we can try to avoid His voice but it is ALWAYS there!

Our conscience is always with us. Some of us are better at listening to it than others. Some have chosen to completely abandon it. But it is there. Reminding you what is right, pushing you to do God’s will.

Read this powerful poem by contributing poet, Dan Doyle, about one man’s realization that his conscience never left him, despite his transgressions.

Conscience: The Presence of Love

Is that you my old conscience

Waiving your black and white flag

Off in the distance there?

I thought you’d passed away,

Crossed over to the other side.

Or, was it I who’d crossed the Lethe

And forgot my name?

This late in the day coming

That you signal there,

Imperious with certitude,

Still makes me shudder.

Is that good?

You dress in pure light.

Your lucid presence

Pulls me toward a meaning

That looks more like a suffering,

And bothers me into doubt.

I sense confessions murmuring

At the back of my brain

Like a distant, unseen crowd,

Not loud with absurd rebellion,

But more like pilgrims in procession

Praying their beads pensively.

Why have you returned now?

The snows are already deep

High up in the mountains

And chill death is becoming

Familiar to my brittle bones.

Yet you still bear yourself

With a youthful vigor.

You never were lost, were you?

It was I who vanished from my self,

Wasn’t it?

It was I who went wandering,

Became homeless, slept

Alone and word-less, in dark alleys.

It was I who’d become

Stupefied with lust and greed,

Who stared hungrily

Into the eyes of others;

Who became just another cipher

In an off-center world.

Why did you not abandon me,

Even when I was drunk

With the liquor of my self,

When nothing mattered

But that which served,

And fed, and sated me?

Why are you so persistent?

Why will you not let me go?

Must you be so dear a friend?

by Dan Doyle