Visions of Heaven: A Child’s Work of Genius

12-year-old Akiane Kramarik is a painting prodigy who brings her visions of heaven to the canvas for all of us to enjoy.

Young Akiane Kramarik is a painter whose talent is clearly from God. Her whole motivation is in and of, and through God. Her talents are many, including music, but it is her painting that reveals the grace of beauty that can only come from God.

This child – for she is still a child (12-years-old at the time this video was shot) – has the maturity of one far in advance of her years. Her paintings capture the inside of things, she reveals what is at the core of being in her landscapes, her portraits of human beings, and especially in her paintings of God.

She started having visions of God and painting at around 4 years of age and by the time she was 9 her paintings had already achieved a level of color, form, and a sensitivity for light that it takes the usual artist a lifetime to attain. Her skills are miraculous. They are far beyond anything that a child should be able to either conceive of, or to produce.

Akiane’s mother was an atheist when Akiane started painting images of God and Heaven. To 4-year-old Akiane God was real, so real that she began to share stories with her mother about visits to Heaven. Her innocence and her art has brought her parents to believe as well.

She is completely self-taught. The most incredible thing about this young girl is that she understands her talent is a pure gift from God. She uses her painting to express her faith in the God who she knows is Truth, Goodness and Beauty, Mercy and Peace. She understands in her youthful wisdom and innocence that God is the very source and inspiration of her art.

Akiane, at this young age, is truly God-inspired. Unlike most children her age, she is completely selfless. She sees meaning and purpose in her life already, at this tender age. Most people don’t find a meaning or purpose in life until they are in their 20s or 30s, if they are lucky. But God is truly working in and through this little child prodigy. She is proof that God is still at work in the world.

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