Valentine’s Day On A Budget

It seems like every year holidays become more about the stuff and less about the experience. But what if you can’t swing a fancy five course meal on top of two dozen delivered roses, rare organic chocolates from across the world, and of course, a giant stuffed creature of sorts? Or what if you can, but are tired of spending money on the same thing every year? Whether you’re living on a budget, a cynic, a cynic living on a budget, or just looking for some fun new ideas this Valentine’s Day, this list is for you.

Create The Perfect Atmosphere

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Part of what makes going out so special, is that it’s different. So why not spend some time classing up your place? Get some candles out and dig up those white lights I know you just put away from Christmas. Maybe you want to go all out and rearrange some furniture! Make a designated “dinning area” with a centerpiece of candles and your favorite picture of you and your significant other. Put out pillows and blankets on the couch for some snuggle time, or make a fun little fort for a change of scenery and a more private getaway.

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