You Can’t Miss A Second Of This Incredible Performance!

This is a halftime show you just can’t miss! The precision is mind blowing!

When it comes to excellence and precision, the United States Armed Forces can’t be beat! And that especially goes for the United States Marine Corps, whose training is unmatched. This courtside video catches a thrilling presentation of a Marine Silent Drill Team going through its paces at an NBA basketball game halftime show.

There are no spoilers here — you have to watch the video for yourself — but it is more than worth it! Anyone who has seen these Marines in person knows just how amazing this really is. It’s hard to imagine the amount of discipline, training, and skill is required to get this kind of precision down so perfectly.

But that’s what the Marines — and the entire U.S. military — is known for: excellence! No cutting corners, no taking the easy route, and absolutely no excuses! The dedication it takes in order to master this kind of drill translates perfectly into the same dedication for combat training and personal achievement.

You go, Marines! Semper Fi!