Top 8 Hilarious John Crist Videos

Sometimes we just need a good laugh!

Those who have been on Facebook and other social media sites these last few years are probably familiar with John Crist. He has made quite a name for himself among the Christian community with his hilarious videos that satirize Christian culture. He’s not being mean-spirited at all, merely having fun poking at some of the stereotypical behaviors we might not even realize we’re participating in. Here are just a few of his most popular videos. Take a few minutes out of your day to laugh!

Graphic T-Shirts

We all know someone (or maybe we ourselves are the culprits) who wears graphic t-shirts with slogans like, “But first, coffee,” or, “Can’t adult today. Tomorrow doesn’t look so good either.” These pithy sayings and life slogans have made their way into the Christian community, and John Crist isn’t afraid to tell us his opinion about it in the video below.

Appropriate Cartoons For Christian Kids

John posted a question on social media asking, “What cartoons were you not allowed to watch as a kid?” To his surprise, he got over a thousand responses. Some were more reasonable than others. The Simpsons, King of the Hill, etc., seemed understandable. But My Little Pony? Not so much. Watch this video to see what other strange responses people gave, and what John has to say about it.

Church Parking Lot Road Rage

Now here is something I think we can all relate to; road rage. Whether someone cuts you off, doesn’t wait their turn at a stop sign, or drives too slow, we’ve all had some not nice thoughts while behind the wheel. John has a hilarious version of this, especially for the church parking lot. “Go ahead, take my parking spot! She probably needs Jesus more than I do, anyway.”

Church Lady Gives Bible Verse For Every Situation

We’re not talking about verses that apply to life circumstances or anything particularly meaningful… oh no, these verses are reserved for shopping and other super spiritual activities. 30% off shoes? God works all things together for the good of those who love Him. See a fashion trend you don’t like? Lean not on your own understanding. See what other laugh out loud verses John comes up with for his shopping trip!

Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft

These celebrity pastors get a “Pastor performance rating” which kicks off the fantasy draft. There are such considerations as ease of listening to sermons and the rising number of church attendance. Watch as John and his friends pick pastors and bring a humorous light to the way Christians sometimes place celebrities on a pedestal.

Family On The Way To Church

If you’ve ever had to round up the kids, throw your makeup on, solve crisis after crisis while on the road, and just about lost your patience while on the way to church, then you can relate to this family’s struggle! Plus, pick up some great lines for the next time your child loses his triceratops in the back seat. “It doesn’t matter, they’re not even in the Bible!”

17 Christian Ways To Say No

Some of us have a hard time saying no, whether it’s being asked to do extra duties in the church or hosting a small group, it can feel wrong to just say “No.” Instead, we tend to over-spiritualize our responses, even without thinking about it. While some of these might be valid, chances are saying, “God’s really just leading me in a different direction,” probably doesn’t quite make sense when a friend asks if you can help them move. Do you say any of these phrases? We’re sure guilty of it!

Christian Music

In this video, John takes on the Christian music industry. Bold, we know. Though, he does make some hilarious points, such as the magic formula for making a hit Christian song. The biggest piece of advice for writing a Christian song? MORE. WATER. REFERENCES. Storms, streams, rain… Oceans.