This Toddler’s Taekwondo Creed Recital Is Beyond Adorable!

Hear her rock her martial arts student creed at bust out some sweet moves!

Three-year-old Sophie Wong might just kick your butt, but not before she recites her student creed at her U.K. martial arts center. If she fights with as much dedication as she speaks, she’s got a bright future ahead! This is absolutely incredible!

Martial arts is a great sport to get any child involved in, no matter what age they are. The right teacher and fellow students can welcome in young children and adults alike, and the sport teaches not only self-defense, but primarily discipline and self-control. It is a sport which — typically speaking — is a solo sport. That means the only competition is oneself, so motivation and disciple are necessary to improve (while at the same time allowing a person or a child to progress at their own pace).

This young girl is off to a great start! Starting so young (and already being so good at just three-years-old!) she is sure to be a martial arts expert in no time at all!

See this adorable viral video for yourself!

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