‘TipsForJesus’ have been leaving very generous tips around the United States

Generous tips has been popping up on checks across the United States.  These good Samaritans are calling themselves, ‘TipsForJesus’. They have been  adding hundreds or thousands of dollars to their restaurant bills in different places.

In Indiana, during a Notre Dame football game, three men enjoyed themselves at a restaurant while watching the game. When they left, the bartender picked up their check and saw that there was  a $10,000 tip added.


Eater, a food site “for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation’s most important food cities,” has rounded up other examples of the generosity:

“Tips include several in Ann Arbor, Michigan ($3,000  $2,000), a few in Chicago ($3,000 , $5,000), and a whole bunch in Los Angeles  ($1,000, $10,000, $500).”

‘TipsForJesus’ has been putting pictures of their good deeds on Instagram, saying its mission is “doing the Lords work, one tip at a time.”

These good deeds can definitely be life-changing for the waiters and waitresses.