Things You Won’t Regret Doing In Your 20s

You may be considered an adult at 18, but in your twenties you really figure out what that means; and what it doesn’t. Whether you are a twenty-something or know a twenty-something, this list is worth a read!

Letting go of people who bring you down.

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I’m still working on this one myself, but the key here is to take stock of the relationships in your life. Which ones are you putting all the effort, but not getting anything in return? Are there certain people who are just negative all the time? That isn’t to say let go of every relationship that is difficult, because every relationship goes through rough patches. Rather, take time to realize who is worth spending time and energy on, and who just isn’t. Distancing yourself may be difficult, but you’re also opening up space to really invest in the people that matter.


Moving on from environments that undermine you, and tear you down

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Once you’ve let go of harmful people in your life, it’s time to move on from hurtful environments. I was really struggling with a job I had in college and my mom told me that I would reach a point where it just wasn’t worth it anymore. It didn’t matter that I could walk there from home, that I made decent money, and it had a flexible schedule; I came home crying half the time and dreaded going there. My manager didn’t respect me or my time, and the amount of stress built up to a point that outweighed all the positives. You will encounter plenty of terrible jobs in your life, and your twenties is a great time to start sticking up for yourself.