I Love Reading Stories Like This! Local Businesses Helping The Homeless!

Read about these inspiring business, and encourage your local shops and stores to come up with similar programs!

2. Chef Arnold

Images via Associated Press

90 year old chef, Arnold Abbott, has a passion for not only feeding the hungry, but giving them wholesome, gourmet meals. With the help of a few churches in the area, he is able to cook and serve the homeless community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Recently, however, Chef Arnold has had a few run-ins with the police, after not complying with the city’s new ordinance that bans public feeding outdoors. He hasn’t let that stop him though. He can still be found doing public feedings along the coast in Florida.


3. Purple Door Coffee

This stellar coffee shop in Denver, Colorado cares about coffee, from growing and harvesting the coffee, to who serves it. Shop owners, Madison and Mark hire 3 homeless teens on rotation, and enroll them in a 52 week class aimed towards teaching them life skills, such as budgeting, and physical and mental health. So, why the purple door? Mark says that traditionally, purple is a color of royalty, and he wants everyone who walks in the door – be it worker, customer, or vendor, to be treated like royalty, and be reminded that they have inherent worth. See more of their story here.