Limbless Boy Inspires All With Can-Do Attitude!

See how this boy hasn’t let his “disability” slow him down! His message of determination will inspire you!

Meet Nick Santonastasso. It would seem that the word “quit” isn’t a part of this young man’s vocabulary. Born with no legs and only a partially formed left arm, it would seem that Nick is terribly disabled. But, in fact, his family doesn’t even like to refer to him as disabled because that word seems so limiting and Nick has proven that there are no limits to what he can do. He can play football, video games, the drums and skateboard! All things you wouldn’t think a boy with no legs and only one arm could do.

See how Nick is gets to meet his hero, Tiki Barber on live TV. Tiki tells Nick what an inspiration he is. This little boy’s attitude will truly brighten your day. You can also check out the other Nick for whom being “disabled” doesn’t mean a thing – Nick Vujicic – in the video No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!