Why Did Terry Bridgewater Buy His Mom a Pink Cadillac Escalade? It’s Not Because She’s Fighting Breast Cancer – Though She Is! – But Because He Made a Promise…

Over ten years ago, Terry Bridgewater promised his mom that he would buy her a pink Escalade. As he enters the NFL, he’s keeping his word.

It was an exciting day for young football players, friends, family, and fans across the country, no doubt. But for Teddy Bridgewater, selected in the first round of the National Football League amateur draft by the Minnesota Vikings with the 32nd overall pick, May 8th was a bigger deal. Why did this future star buy his mom a pink Escalade? It fulfills a promise made over 10 years ago, that when he made it to the NFL, he Teddy Bridgewater would buy Rose Bridgewater just such a car. As Rose battles breast cancer, the pink color is even more meaningful.