Heroic Teen Has Ellen Speechless!

Praise the Lord for his provision and protection in this situation! May this family be blessed as they share their story. Glory be to God!

Nineteen year old Charlotte says she was in the house and just had a sinking feeling that something was wrong. Sure enough, when she went out to the garage to check on her dad, who was working on the truck, he was in serious trouble. Not only was the garage engulfed in black smoke and flames, but the truck had fallen off of the lift and had Charlotte’s dad pinned to the ground. What Charlotte did next earned her an award for heroism.

What exactly did she do? Through the miraculous strength of God, Charlotte set out to save her dad by lifting the 7,000 pound truck, resting it on her hip, and dragging her father out. Watch and listen as this teenager explains what she did next, and how she saved the whole family!