Connecting Christ To Christmas

Christmas was God’s plan from day 1…


I don’t know about you, but Sunday School sure did a number on my understanding of the Bible as a whole – in both good and bad ways. I’m not disparaging Sunday School teachers in the least; I’ve been one myself off and on over the last ten years. However, I can recognize that some of the curriculums used might not be the most helpful in understanding the big picture.


So often kids are taught through stories, which can be good for grasping concepts. However, these little vignettes of Bible stories also make it difficult to see how each story is really connected to the greater story: Our Story. The story of redemption.


Growing up, I got it in my head that God sending his Son to earth was plan B. As you’ll see in the video below, Jesus came at just the right time – exactly when He intended to. We are taken all the way back to Genesis, as we see God’s plan unfolding through Moses, David, Mary and Joseph – and everyone in between. What a great way to get a bigger perspective on why this Christmas season is so important, and how it fits into the bigger story!

See Jesus throughout the Bible, and God’s ultimate plan of salvation from day 1!