So Inspiring: One-Handed College Basketball Player

God has blessed Kevin with an amazing talent and Kevin knows it! Watch his remarkable and inspiring story!

Watch the remarkable story of Kevin Laue. At birth, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his arm, cutting off circulation and costing him his left arm, from the elbow down. Kevin grew up, never knowing what it is like to have two hands, and never letting his “disability” stand in his way. The almost seven foot tall young man from Pleasanton, California says that he feels blessed by God for everything he has. The loss of a hand has made him work even harder to achieve his goals, as we can see in this new clip. Kevin was recruited by Manhattan College on a full ride scholarship to play basketball. He is the first person to ever play Division 1 college basketball with only one hand!

Kevin’s incredible abilities are not only a blessing from God on him but a blessing on others. Kevin regularly gets letters from disabled people or the parents of disabled children who take inspiration from his enormous success in life!

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