Small Miracles: 6 Babies and Their Unlikely Survivals

Pregnancy and childbirth are always beautiful and joyous, but these daily miracles are sometimes terrifying for doctors and for family – premature deliveries, a smooth delivery on time but an unexpected health complication. When man and medicine might tell us there is no hope, God speaks clearly: “do not fear.” In the stories below, the grace upon grace God pours out is apparent as medical dead ends are turned to hope and joy with the renewed life for the least of these.

Macee McCartney is Born Twice

maceeLittle Macee wasn’t doing very well: only four months into her mother’s pregnancy, she was twice as big as she was supposed to be. Doctors had to remove a grapefruit-sized tumor before all the blood fueling its growth weakened her heart to the point of her dying. Performing a premature C-section, doctors at Texas Children’s Fetal Center removed the tumor, placed Macee back in the womb and waited for her second birth, which would come – happy and healthy – six weeks later.

To see Macee’s full story, click here.

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