How Can These Bags Save A Life?

Stop for the one. Say Hello. Do something.

Eddie Wang was overwhelmed with the needs of the homeless people he saw on the streets as he walked to and from classes at University of Washington. As a college student, he didn’t have a lot of extra money or food, but he could spare a few minutes to stop and talk to these forgotten and underserved people.

This sparked the start of the non-profit organization, “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Now in it’s third year of existence, Sleepless in Seattle seeks to meet the immediate, physical needs of the homeless in Seattle. They raise funds and awareness all year, gearing up for “The Big Give,” where thousands of sleeping bags and care packages are hand delivered to people living on the streets. Eddie admits that it is not going to solve the issue of homelessness, but it is a small step in caring for this ever growing population.

As Eddie says, “Stop for the one. Say Hello. Do something.” It’s as simple as that!

Find out more about how you can participate in the next Big Give!