Six Small Group Questions To Help Deepen Faith And Understanding

These questions really get to the heart of the matter!

I want to encourage you today, wherever you’re at in your journey, to keep up the good work! Studying the Bible is a lifelong process, and it can feel overwhelming. One of the best ways that I’ve found to grow in my faith, is to join a small group. Being in close community with one another has it’s challenges, but the benefits far outweigh any obstacles in the way. Sometimes, however, these Bible studies get stuck in a rut. It can feel like all you do is read the designated passage for the week, and talk about what it means to each person. If you feel like your Bible study has lost steam, or if you want to keep the ball rolling within your group, it may be time to take a different approach to studying the Bible. The following questions range from general reading, to grounding the group in the context of the passage, and finally real life, practical application. Click next to read more!

About The Reading

These questions are more broad in nature, and may not get answered every time, but it is important to get a feel for what the group is struggling to understand, or what they are identifying with each week.

What stuck out to you in this passage? This question gives members in your Bible study a chance to reflect and read over the passage again with a clear focus. It also gives people the chance to share any insights they came across in their personal study. One of the many wonderful and fascinating things about the Bible, is that we can read the same exact verses at one point in life and get one meaning of the passage, and read the verses again at another point in life, and see a whole new layer of meaning.

Did this passage raise any questions? Here we are giving the chance for the group to ask any questions. It is important to encourage the members in your Bible study to be curious, and pick apart the passage. It doesn’t always have to be a deep, theological debate; these questions can be about the setting, the intended audience, who the speaker is, or some background on on of the characters in the passage. Sometimes the questions asked may not get answers right away, and that’s ok! It’s better to say you don’t know and take time later to do more research, than to give a misleading or incomplete answer. Make sure to follow up with these questions throughout the week, or bring answers next time your group meets.

In Context

Why are these verses in the Bible? Perhaps one of the most important things a small group leader can do, is to ground the passage in place and time. Taking a step back to study why these verses are in the Bible, and who they were originally addressing, can bring out a richer, more rewarding, and accurate interpretation and application of scripture.

Where do we see Jesus in this passage? We know that the Bible is a true story that points to Jesus from beginning to end. Every passage of scripture echoes part of his character and intention for the world. Take time to find him in your assigned passage, and link back to Jesus every time.

Making It Personal

How does this apply to your personal life? More specifically, when reading through this passage, ask yourself if God is: 1) teaching you something, 2) telling you to stop doing something, 3) correcting some wrong thinking or behavior, or 4) preparing you to live more effectively for him. This could be a question members prepare for ahead of time, and a few of them can share what God has placed on their hearts during group.

Who else could benefit from reading this passage? Don’t let the knowledge end with you! Now that you have been joyously convicted, corrected, and encouraged, it’s time to share with others! This is an awesome question to end on, and have everyone take home with them. The homework is to talk about the passage and share your insights with someone else outside of group.

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