I’m In Love With This Rising Star! She Has The Voice of An Angel!

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Feeling patriotic? Like little kids? Are you a fan of music? Oh boy, we have got the ultimate video for you.

Here’s something to make you smile!  You’ll be surprised when you hear this booming voice coming out of seven-year-old Rhema as she sings our national anthem.

We swear there’s just nothing cuter than a girl this young singing such a beautiful song, and one so important to our country!

She’s so naturally gifted with that amazing voice. We could listen to this all day long.

How has this girl not recorded any hit singles or full albums yet? We can’t wait until she gets old enough to be in the music business for real, because we’re planning to buy anything she sings, no matter what the song is.

LIKE if this amazing rendition of the “Start Spangled Banner” gave you goosebumps! It certainly did for us!

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