7 Celebrities You Never Knew Came From Poverty

With million-dollar red carpet fashions and paparazzi stampedes, it’s easy to forget that most celebrities grew up just like the rest of us. In fact, quite a few faced incredible hardships before they made it big.

From an Oscar winner who lived in a homeless shelter, to chart-topping singer who left home as a teen, you’ll be shocked by these rags-to-riches transformations!

Johnny Cash

As the child of cotton-farming parents during the Great Depression, things weren’t easy for Johnny growing up. His house didn’t even have glass in the windows, and during the winter his mother hung blankets to keep out the cold. Things got even tougher for Johnny when his older brother, Jack, was killed in a work-related accident at the saw mill. Even after his life of poverty was over, Cash never forgot his upbringing — it went on to inform many of his greatest hits.

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