I Wish More Kids Were Like Him! Who Needs A Playstation When You Can Save Lives!

Hector planned to put his saved allowance money toward a PlayStation. Instead, he purchased 100 smoke detectors for his community.

Like many kids, Hector Montoya had a plan for his allowance money. That plan – again, like many kids – was to put his saved up cash toward the purchase of a PlayStation. But when he saw a news report about a family that suffered through a home fire due to a faulty smoke alarm, his $300 – okay, for me, I have to pause and think about that…as a nine-year-old, $300, really!? – Hector purchased 100 smoke detectors. With the assistance of the Grand Prairie Fire Department, neighbors in the community who had no alarms previously had these simple everyday devices installed. Says Hector: “Saving people’s lives is more important.”