One Russian Mother’s Photos Will Convince the Skeptic – Nature and Children Are Beautiful!

For many modern children, the country life seems unexciting – droll, endless expanse, no bright lights, no movie theaters. But perhaps they should look at the images of two children down on the farm. Elena Shumilova got her first camera two years ago, and has been photographing daily life on the family farm in the Russian countryside. Early morning fog, dazzling sun on the lake – her images capture an ethereal beauty and leave us with a sense of wonder not only for the farm life, but for her children and childhood itself.

Michael Harrell is a former staff member and current volunteer at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Federal Way, Washington. A blogger by hobby and social media manager by trade, he continues to teach the faith to ninth graders when he's not busy watching movies or theatre. He loves the Seattle Mariners, and his wife wants you to know he's married. You can follow him on Twitter.