You Have To See This Tribute — It’s Like No Other

A Marine’s solitary tribute to the fallen is beyond words.

In the midst of the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally, a solitary Marine pays simple tribute to those United States Marines who have fallen for us all. This is a very unique tribute, one that touched the hearts of all who were there and continues to be just a stirring today. The tribute came without planning or attention — just a silent salute to honor the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Known simply as the Standing Marine, Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers attends the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally, an annual event to honor veterans. Wearing his dress uniform, Chambers silently stands for hours in the hot sun holding a salute while thousands of fellow veterans on motorcycles ride past him. The physical toll of holding the salute must be enormous, but his inner will, determination, and dedication to honor the fallen held him steady and became one of the most moving tributes imaginable.

Describing the actions of this USMC veteran is one thing, but there really are no words for how stirring this really is. Watch the video below for yourself, and please share it with everyone you know to keep his tribute going and remember those who gave their lives for the sake of freedom.