This 8 Year-Old Girl Lost Her Mother To Cancer And Is Singing A Beautiful Song In Her Memory!

A beautiful rendition of “I Thank God” from 8 year-old Rhema, a tribute to her mom who passed away from cancer.

This 8 year-old girl has been blessed with a beautiful singing voice!

Rhema lost her mother to cancer, but she is thankful for all the wonderful things God has blessed her with, including her mother, even though her life was taken too soon. The wonderful memories of her mother are just one more thing to be thankful for!

Rhema speaks God’s word through song to honor her mother who lost her battle against ovarian cancer. Rhema feels her mother’s spirit every time she sings and shares the Gospel with all those who listen in hopes to heal their hearts as it has healed hers.

We hope this video inspires anyone who is suffering the loss of a loved one or battling an illness. You are stronger than you realize, and you will get through this.

Check out the video below. Just make sure you have some tissues handy!

You can also watch Rhema sing “No More Night” here.