Daddy, Don’t Ever Leave Me Again!

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We all love our pets, and there’s nothing like a reunion between an owner and a pet who haven’t seen each other in quite some time.

This man thought a reunion with his dog in the airport would never happen, so imagine his excitement when he came around the corner and there waiting for him was his precious dog! The dog stands still at first, making us wonder whether he even recognizes his owner.

But then he moves, and his enthusiastic reaction to seeing his owner for the first time in months is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

I’ve seen my fair share of reunions but this one takes the cake! There is a brief moment when he is looking at his human dad wondering where have you been? That only lasts a moment before emotions take over and he jumps right into dad’s lap. I’ve never heard such cries of joy in my life. The crowd starts to gather and you can tell there are a few worried about the whining and barking coming from the dog, but as soon as the realize what is going on it’s all smiles!

You will never doubt a dog’s memory again after watching this. He finally has his human back and that’s all that matters!

See their emotional reunion below!

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