10 Hilarious Redneck Home Repairs

Are these horrible or brilliant? I can’t decide…

Being a homeowner is tricky. When you need to repair something or want to add on to your home, there’s a fine line between learning how to do it yourself to save some money and paying an expert to do it for you. There are hopefully a few things we can all agree on that need to be done by a professional. Electric, for example, and probably most plumbing issues. Everything else, however, just depends on your personal skill and comfort level.

Rednecks sometimes get a bad name, but there’s no denying their, uh, creativity when it comes to problem-solving. Let’s take a look at some of these out-of-the-box home repair hacks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to try a few of these out!

Extra Storage


I have a lot of questions about this home addition. It honestly looks like a ton of work to attach that van to the side of the house, but then again, I’ve never tried it. I do love the dedication to making sure the “addition” matches the rest of the house – including shingles on the hood and roof of the van! If you squint and only look at the photo with one eye, it almost looks normal…

DIY Mailbox


I can sort of see the logic behind this. I mean, the microwave is roughly the same size and it has a door. Okay, that’s about where the similarities end. On the plus side, you can warm up your mail before making the trek back to the house. So, there’s that.

Couch Repair


What the heck happened to that poor couch?! Not only is the seat cushion gone, but the entire base of the left side of the couch is just missing! How does that even happen? That being said, I’m more than a little impressed that this handyman found a chair with a seat at the same level as the cushion next to it.

Dog House


Well, it’s something alright. The good news is, the dog certainly won’t know he’s getting a subpar home. The bad news is that whoever made this might end up getting sent to the dog house… in which case, that’s a totally fair punishment.

Extra Shelf Space


You know what? I don’t mind this one so much. If there was a way to remove the handle at the top, I might even like it. I’d spray paint the metal and paint the shelves to match, but I could see this being useful out in the garage or in the basement!

Portable Campfire

PinterestDIY Screened In Patio [caption id="attachment_18419" align="alignnone" width="564"]Pinterest

All I have to say is that if my husband did this, he’d be sleeping out on one of those plastic chairs.

Chair Repair


Hey! I found the matching chair to go along with the couch! In all seriousness though, this is a terrible idea. You know what’s not a super stable leg? A glass bottle. I shudder to think about the poor soul who figures that out.



There’s nothing like fresh grilled hamburgers first thing in the morning! That has to be the only advantage of a setup like this, right? Surely this isn’t just to save a few extra steps when you want to grill out. Right? Right?!

Crutch Repair


I know crutches are made to support things, but typically those things begin and end with people, not porches. It looks like there isn’t even anything securing the crutches to the railing! On the other hand, if you’ve ever taken crutches home from the hospital, then you know they cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended). So, I can see someone wanting to get the most out of their money!