Two Months Ago, Eric Had No Money or Home to Call His Own – but He’s About to Be Surprised Once Again by Rahat’s (And the Internet’s) Generosity!

We came across Rahat giving Eric $1,000 through a winning lottery ticket…today, he gets a home. Thanks, Internet.

A few months ago, I came across this awesome video wherein a YouTube magician was able to “prank” a homeless man by giving him $1,000 through a fake winning lottery ticket. The homelss man, Eric, tried to pay it forward just as much as Rahat, wanting to share the cash.

This act of generosity and selflessness on the part of a person who really needed it most moved to the grand denizens of this Internet to action, wanting to give and give quickly. In short order, Rahat had set up a GoFundMe project to raise money to support Eric. Just two months later, the funding campaign has been a wild success to the tune of $44,000. With this money, Rahat has set up Eric with a rental home for a year, some furniture, and enough money to cover utilities and miscellaneous expenses. Check out Eric get the best surprise far beyond the simple lottery winner.

The best part of the video below? Eric got a job! We’re sure his new home will be a sustained success story!