Pick Up the Phone…And Pray


Never underestimate the power of religion…or of prayers.

Kansas city knows the powers of both, so to help the residents of the town get a little bit closer to God, the town officials have set up prayer booths throughout the town. The prayer booths, set up several months ago, today receive over 100,000 callers per week.

Interestingly, since their inception and installation, crime in the city has decreased in near proportionate manner to the number of people using the booths.

The prayer booths come with specific instructions. And to avoid legal hassles, the booths also carry a disclaimer of religious intent and public safety.

The usage instructions advise people to lower the kneelbar and to position herself or himself within so as not to impede others around them.

Once they have done praying, they must return the kneelbar to an upright position.

And the trend is catching on. Many other cities in the US have now either purchased or placed orders for these prayer booths.

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