Stray Dog Terrified Of People Learns To Trust And Love Humans

Petra wasn’t named after the Greek word for “stone” by coincidence…

Petra, Greek for “stone,” was photographed outside of Athens, Greece. The woman that spotted Petra and caught her on camera quickly posted the pictures on social media in hopes of garnering assistance for the tortured animal.

It was quickly apparent that Petra had never interacted with people before. She would cower and run from anyone approaching her. It took rescuers a long while before they could manage to bring Petra to Save a Greek Stray shelter in Oropos. When Valia Orfanidou, one of the shelters most experienced members in rehabilitation, met Petra, she dedicated herself to saving Petra at any cost.

Petra had a litany of health issues, it was a miracle she was still alive. Among the many minor issues, she suffered from mange (which caused the lesions and scabs that gave her the horrific appearance), and leishamiasis, an infection spread by bugs that is often deadly if not treated.

Luckily, loving attention can help cure a great many issues, as Petra found out!

Despite abject terror in the presence of people, and other dogs, Petra looked almost happy being bathed! The difference in her appearance and health was apparent quickly, and once the mange began to fade, her true beauty started to show! Her fear was still a hurdle however. She would go to the bathroom in her cage if approached, snarled at other dogs, and constantly hid in fear. Walking her consisted of a few steps, and then a great deal of coaxing and encouragement to get her to take a few more. Yet, in the end, it paid off.

Eventually she came out and responded positively. Now she is social, cuddly, and immensely happy.

Petra is certainly an extreme case, but she is an absolute inspiration to everyone out there who helps to save dogs like Petra.