His Son Was Born Cursed

The diagnosis fundamentally shapes the life of anyone with the “Curse.”

Tomasz Śliwiński’s son Leo was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ondine’s Curse, which requires Leo to make a conscious effort to breathe.

During the day, Leo must expend mental energy on remembering to breathe; at night, and ventilator keeps the air flowing in sleep.

Leo Blog / via leoblog.pl

Ondine’s Curse is an exceptionally rare genetic disorder, and the diagnosis fundamentally shapes the life of anyone with the “Curse.”

Soon after Leo was born, Tomasz started documenting his experience caring for his special needs son as a form of art therapy.

Leo Blog / via leoblog.pl

By combining his talents as a film student and his wife’s, Magda Hueckel, talents as a professional photographer, the Polish couple created Our Curse,an Oscar-nominated short documentary chronicling the first six months of Leo’s fragile but precious life.

The documentary proves that even the most difficult and trying moments in your live can become precious memories that help redefine what is important in life.

Today, Leo is attending kindergarten and doing well.

Leo Blog / via leoblog.pl