This Dog’s Reaction To Seeing Her Human For The First Time In Months Is Amazing!

She’s so excited to see him, and he’s just as surprised!

Everyone gets excited to plan the perfect homecoming surprise on their family or the family wants to do something for their returning service member. Unfortunately not everyone coming home gets to have these experiences. Due to coming home in a far away city, not having close family or any family, many service members just come home. But once in a while those military members still get a surprise!

Thinking a reunion with his dog in the airport would never happen to him, imagine his excitement when this U.S. Airman came around the corner at the airport and there was his precious dog waiting for him! Her enthusiastic reaction to seeing her owner for the first time in months is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face — and maybe even tears to your eyes. I thought her tail was going to fall off with the way it was wagging so hard!

Watch their emotional reunion below!