No Sin is “Small”

Words are small things, but when they are shot, like bullets, from the hot muzzles of angry mouths. they hurt so bad they can kill a fragile spirit.

Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, unsullied by the taint of sin… Not the smallest sin. When we strive to be more Christ-like in our lives we must think about how important that is and how we must strive to avoid even the “smallest” sin.

Read contributing poet, Dan Doyle’s reflection on the small sins and Christ’s redeeming grace.

Small Things

They say that small things never hurt.

But they are not being honest

When they say such frivolous things.

A bee is something small,

But when it stings, it is a great hurt.

Words are small things,

But when they are shot, like bullets,

From the hot muzzles of angry mouths

They hurt so bad they can kill a fragile spirit

Before it has had time to grow strong.

Some sins, they say, are too small

To worry over, that they bear no weight

On one’s fame or character. But such sins,

Done repeatedly over long years,

Become, rather, the familiar habits

Of a turgid and tumultuous life,

And when the body is sloughed off

At Death’s arrival, the immortal part

Sinks like a dark stone into a

Profound oblivion

Where it is forgotten by all that lives—


It is said that once the God of Creation,

Who made all things, seen and unseen,

Let go of Greatness and became a single cell,

Conceived in a virginal womb,

Became a child, and then an adult,

Who died a terrible death

At the hands of men who thought themselves

Great in the sweeping scheme of things.

For love. For a love so pure

Even light could not contain it,

Greatness allowed itself to be crushed.

Because of this love for all things, great and small,

Magnanimity beyond comprehension,

Let go of Everything, shrank to almost nothing,

And redeemed us, once and for all.

– Dan Doyle